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Mhmm...bluxtears here, dead and ressurected as adnamac.

Wondering if everyone has read the first few chapters of 'Dance Macabre' found on LKH's site. (If not, here's the link. )

What I want to know, is what everyone thinks about it.

I dislike the idea of 'pregnant' Anita. Really dislike it. I mean...she's Anita Blake, 'The Excutioner', preternatural bad-guy ass kicker extrodinare! It's just not an arc that I can/really want to see in the books.

If she really does end up being pregnant, I think that will be the end of me reading the series. Or at least the newer books.

I am seriously, seriously, hoping that she is NOT pregnant, and that it's some scare. -_-

On a second, more random backround? Or shall I just leave this one for awhile longer? And if I do put up a new background...what do you guys want to see on it? Any particular quote? Character? Opinions on this too, if you please!
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