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Hey I'm new to the community. I'm sitting here early in the morning looking at Anita Blake stuff...Well I have fallen in love with the series, and am currently on Narcissus in Chains. I have had NiC for a while now, like I'd say 3 months. I cannot bring myself to finish it. There is something about this book that I do not really like. I still love the series but just I can't pick up the book and finish it. My best guy friend: Nick, who prides himself in his love for the books had gotten me into it in the first place. I've gotten three people into the books so far and most of them are ahead of me already. Because I made a stop at reading the books. I was planning on finishing NiC when I was in the mood for it but I fell asleep. Can anyone help me bring myself to read this book, so I can continue onto the next one? It would be greatly appreciated I don't want to forget about the series that I love so much. I'm glad to have found this community...Thanks!
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