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So...since I have no's another

It's a cryptogram! I love these I decided to make one up myself for this little community. ^_^ it is:

"Snyk zfmdl rq wf kqbbprdq knyk Lqykn hqqlw ryztmi?" make it a little easier to crack this code I'll tell you straight off that Q=E and K=T. Also, it's a quote said by Anita to Edward, found in Obsidean Butterfly. I'll leave this up for awhile, and after three days if no one cracks it I'll give out another letter hint. I'll give out hint every three days untill someone does finally figure it out.

Happy code cracking!!! ^_^

((See? I told you all I have no life. -_-))

for you all.

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  • 3 comments a bit more then three days. Sorry about that. -_-

Anyway...hint!! And, since it's been more then three days...instead of giving you one clue...I'll give three more.

D = L
M = U
S = W

hey, i'm not a member of your community, but can i answer anyways, i did it without the extra hints.
"What could be so terrible that death needs backup?"

LKH always has the coolest things for Anita to say. <3