a~lotus (ambiguitylotus) wrote in anitaverse,

Hi, there!

I'm Kathy, but people call me A~Lotus, A~Lo, or Lotus on here...

I'm a newbie... I've been a fan of LKH since I first came across Obsidian Butterfly. Just after that book, I was hooked. I think there are now a total of 12 Anita Blake Vampire Hunter novels, and I think I've read like 7-8 of them. I've read all of the Merry Gentry novels, except for the newest one... Hope I finish both series...

Anyway, just wanted to give you my piece of the pie by telling you guys that I'm also a LKH fan. :)

So, hi, and I'm looking forward to meeting all of you on here! *waves* :)
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