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So I finally decided to be not so lazy and change the dull black background to something different. It's still black...but now it has Sigmund on it! And words! So it's not so dull anymore...^^

Anyway, opinions on the new background? Does everyone like it, or should I just change it back to dull black and no picture? 0_o

Also while we're at it, here's a question for you all, to promote book discussion (or something like it...-shrugs-)

If you had to do away with one main(or semi-main...o_o) character...who would it be and why?

Get Richard outta there! The guy drives me nuts everytime he appears in a book. In the beginning he was alright, though I was never very 'in love' with the character anyway. It's just, as the books continued on...he just grated more and more on my nerves. >.< He's angry at the world, he's still in love with Anita...the dude seriously needs to make up his bloody mind! >.< Gr...

[end mini-rant]
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