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Hey I'm new to the community. I'm sitting here early in the morning looking at Anita Blake stuff...Well I have fallen in love with the series, and am currently on Narcissus in Chains. I have had NiC for a while now, like I'd say 3 months. I cannot bring myself to finish it. There is something about this book that I do not really like. I still love the series but just I can't pick up the book and finish it. My best guy friend: Nick, who prides himself in his love for the books had gotten me into it in the first place. I've gotten three people into the books so far and most of them are ahead of me already. Because I made a stop at reading the books. I was planning on finishing NiC when I was in the mood for it but I fell asleep. Can anyone help me bring myself to read this book, so I can continue onto the next one? It would be greatly appreciated I don't want to forget about the series that I love so much. I'm glad to have found this community...Thanks!
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Hey. Well, as far as finishing it, what keeps you from getting into it? Is it the addition of the sexual scenes? Or is it lacking something for you? Once you can figure that out then maybe you can find a way to get over the hump.

BTW....if the sex is what bother's you, then be prepared for a whole lot more to come. :(

It's just that she has changed so much...Now becomming a were and the new sex toys(Micah and Richard being gone and not that much Jean-Claude/Anita action) It's just that from what I hear of the books after this one, they're suppose to be great. The sex doesn't bother me I love the sex. It's weird I don't know I'm also partly scared of the series ending. I miss Anita kicking some ass and all of that jazz. I miss her working on her job and I miss her working with Dolph more.

Thankyou for the welcome and for commenting.
as far as I know the series isn't ending in the forseeable future (unless you're talking about running out of currently published books to read), but Narcissus is still one of my favorites. If it helps, there's plenty of Anita kicking ass as the book progresses!
Glad you don't mind the sex! Cuz that's something that doesn't go away. But maybe you could do what I've done in the past. Skip NiC and read CS. Then you can go back and read NiC to see how it got to that point. It may restore your intrest if you know where it's going to lead you to.

I personally started the series with The Killing Dance. Then I read foward as far as I could. When I got as far as I could that way, I went back and read from the begining to where I started. It made me more interested in the first ones because I knew how it was going to turn out.

And also, the series isn't ending any time soon. Laurell plans on keeping Anita going as long as she can.