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Back when I first opened this community, I made a few 'game' posts. There weren't any prizes or anything, it was just kinda for fun. One of those games was a name that quoter kinda thing. This is going to be a version of that. In this version, I'll type out a few short blocks of conversation. Your job (if you chose to accept it) is to tell me <i>who</i> the conversation is between. Enjoy. ^^



Oh...two more things. I'm not going to put any actions (the 'I said'...or 'he said with a smile'...) I think that might give to much away, in some cases. ^^ Secondly...a lot of these conversation have the names of the people in them adresses...I'm obviously not going ot be making it that easy as it includ the people's names that are speaking. I'll be chaning out names for...let's asterisk (*) instead, just to show that is was there.


1. Anita: : "I don't do it for good press."
    Bert:: "I know. You believe in your little cause."
    Anita:: "You're a condescending bastard."
    Bert:: "I know."-'discovered' by jel_enedra

2. Anita: "No, no, don't be nice to me. If you're nice I'll cry."
    Nathaniel: " Do you want me to be cruel, would that make you feel better?" - 'discovered' by bois_des_yeux

3. Peter:: "That's not it. You're different from any girl I've ever met."
    Edwardb: "She's different from any girl you will ever meet." 
    Peter:: "Mom's jealous of her."
    Edward:: "I know." - 'discovered' by bois_des_yeux

4. Anita: "Did you take your pain pill?"
    Larry: "No."
    Anita: "Why not?"
    Larry: "Because stuff like that knocks me out. I don't want to sleep." -discovered' by jel_enedra

5. Jean-Claude: "Come, *, how did you enjoy your evening?"
    Richard: " It was wonderfun untill you showed up."
    Jean-Claude: " How could my mere presence spoil" -'discovered' by labgirl2076


And that's it for now...since I don't feel like fliping through the books looking for more little convo bits anymore....and to awnser your, I don't have a life. -_- lol At least, not at the moment.

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